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Each of the professional radio broadcasters and on-air personalities you find on these pages are either students or recent graduates of the Radio Connection, having received intensive, on-the-job training in real radio stations and broadcasting facilities across the country, and having been personally mentored by some of the top radio professionals in the industry.

Please take a look at the websites of these talented individuals if you are in need of professional radio production, broadcasting or on-air talent, or to discover more about the personal and professional benefits of attending the Radio Connection in the city where you live. If you'd like to learn how you could learn to become a broadcasting professional by learning one-on-one from a top radio pro, please visit the Radio Connection website.

Latest Blog Entries from Radio Connection Students

Zoe Ringuet

Week 13Posted by Zoe Ringuet on 2018-03-15

This week Tommy gave me some insight into a few on-air tricks such taking phone calls,dumping dead air & the difference between talking on drive shows vs late night shows... Read More >>

Zoe Ringuet

Week 11 Posted by Zoe Ringuet on 2018-03-06

After filling in for our News guy-Tommy has allowed me to do Entertainment reports 5 days a week so as you can imagine my schedule has been non stop-but I love the work & am feeling very prepared for the real world :)  Read More >>

Joe Marks

Week 20Posted by Joe Marks on 2018-02-28

Dear Blog I took ,my final exam yesterday  My ,mentor and I worked on Music ,master as well as starting the job hunting process... Read More >>