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Each of the professional radio broadcasters and on-air personalities you find on these pages are either students or recent graduates of the Radio Connection, having received intensive, on-the-job training in real radio stations and broadcasting facilities across the country, and having been personally mentored by some of the top radio professionals in the industry.

Please take a look at the websites of these talented individuals if you are in need of professional radio production, broadcasting or on-air talent, or to discover more about the personal and professional benefits of attending the Radio Connection in the city where you live. If you'd like to learn how you could learn to become a broadcasting professional by learning one-on-one from a top radio pro, please visit the Radio Connection website.

Latest Blog Entries from Radio Connection Students

Ian Rachiele

February 20th, 2018Posted by Ian Rachiele on 2018-02-21

February 20th, 2018 Was at the radio station for three hours, My plan is to upload Lesson 6 and 7 by the end of the week I watched Danny edit commercials and he taught me how to use goldwave and sat in during Brian Blessing's show  My main focus for next time is to complete more lesson for Radio Connection and learn how to make commercials  Ian Rachiele Read More >>

Joe Marks

lesson 19Posted by Joe Marks on 2018-02-13

Dear Blog today me and jay looked over the qualifacartions for the music corrindator job and went in full details what I could do and still need to work on... Read More >>

Zoe Ringuet

First Week at the Tommy G Show!!!Posted by Zoe Ringuet on 2018-02-13

My first week at the Tommy G Show absolutely exceeded my expectations!!!  Having been told I would talk On-Air with Tommy I honestly thought it would maybe be for 5 mins a week which I still would’ve been grateful for- but thanks to Tommy I found myself sitting across from 3 other co-hosts chatting away for 3 hours... Read More >>

Joe Marks

Lesson 18Posted by Joe Marks on 2018-02-07

Dear Blog Yesterday Jay and I and John did a podcast where I Joe Aka Booozkah Joe was the host. I learned how to deliver questions about the super bowl 52... Read More >>

Ian Rachiele

Radio Station, January 30th, 2018Posted by Ian Rachiele on 2018-01-30

January 30th, 2018 Was at the radio station for four hours, My plan is to upload Lesson by the end of the week I watched Danny edit commercials and sat in during Brian Blessing's show and learned some things I didn't know before about Hockey My main focus for next time is to get better at Commerical Production Ian Rachiele Read More >>