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Each of the professional radio broadcasters and on-air personalities you find on these pages are either students or recent graduates of the Radio Connection, having received intensive, on-the-job training in real radio stations and broadcasting facilities across the country, and having been personally mentored by some of the top radio professionals in the industry.

Please take a look at the websites of these talented individuals if you are in need of professional radio production, broadcasting or on-air talent, or to discover more about the personal and professional benefits of attending the Radio Connection in the city where you live. If you'd like to learn how you could learn to become a broadcasting professional by learning one-on-one from a top radio pro, please visit the Radio Connection website.

Latest Blog Entries from Radio Connection Students

Lady Rocka Chi

Lesson 14Posted by Lady Rocka Chi on 2018-11-27

Greetings to you all. Hello world! Hola! Kedu! Ekaaro! Bonjour! I greet you in all the languages I am learning during my time on the planet! I have yet to learn Hebrew but working on it! What I never realized I would desire to learn is the language of sports journalism and sports commentary! Well I'll be... Read More >>

Lady Rocka Chi

Lesson 12Posted by Lady Rocka Chi on 2018-10-22

It's not my first time doing the on the scene presenting but this is different...Reporting live! Still working on my style and looking forward to getting into this activity!  Read More >>