Ryan Brahmstadt Radio Connection

Major: Radio Broadcasting

Hello everybody! My name is Ryan Brahmstadt. I'm currently living in Manitowoc WI, and being mentored by Jenny Kanieski at WCUB. I have always loved music, and wanted to get involved with it in someway, but I'm not talented enough to play. Radio is my way to contribute to the musical community. I am very excited for this opportunity, and plan on taking full advantage of it.

I tell people I am a music fan first, and a genre fan second. My favorite genre is rock, specifically hard rock/nu metal, but I love all music. WCUB where I am being mentored, plays classic country, and I love coming in because i get to hear songs I normaly don't listen to, and I get to expand my knowledge of music.

My goal for my career is to get my own show with a few other people that have the same personality as myself. I like to think I'm pretty good with banter, and keeping a lively conversation going. If i can go into work everyday, and talk music, sports, or just life in general with like minded people, I would be living my dream. 

I aslo love to watch, and participate in sporting activities. My two favorites are football, and hockey, but I can hold my own in a discussion about golf, baseball, and a little bit of soccer. When I watch sporting events, I usually end up watching the people not directly involved in the play so I can see potential plays happening before they happen. For example if I'm watching a hockey game and the puck is in one corner, I tend to look throughout the rest of the zone to see who is moving to an open area to be an outlet for the person with the puck.


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