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Driven about life/ Music is life/ God above all..... writing is everything/ With God all things are possible/ radio journalist in the making..... Christian/ focusing on what's to come.....2017 walking in purpose!! Life is worth living....Excuses are setbacks and we must rise above them!! Blogger/ Writer/ Child of God...... Check out my blog

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Radio Is AwesomePosted by Breanna Brenation on 2017-03-02

Wow, radio is amazing, I mean it's definitely a lot to learn but I'm enjoying every minute of doing so! Man the lessons I have with my mentor are amazing and I never have been so engaged in learning like I am with learning form my mentor! I am appreciative of everything I'm learning, some things I'm learning are to speak with diction and to infintize on my words clearly so the audience can hear... Read More >>