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I am Hip Hop

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MADAROCKA Chi is a Naijamerican Femcee and Hip-Hop Performing artist who has toured the world alongside various International MCs and musicians. Known as a 1st Lady of African Hip-Hop, with fiery energetic stage shows, and a raspy yet angelic voice, Madarocka is a natural born superstar. More than your typical Vixen or Diva, she brightens up any space and prides herself in being a phenomenal woman, motivational speaker, youth counselor and Hostess. She created the term African Hip Hop Rennaisance Movement (AHHRM) to create further awareness to the world and empower descendants of Black Africa to unite our efforts, build our communities and become greater! As a Nigerian Born American, she invested in her vision to unite Africans and African Americans thru hip hop culture and visited home sharing her music and talents making her a pioneer to many and an influencer. Today her goal is to blend the medias of music, radio, and film to share the Naijamerican experiene with the world.


AHHRM 4 Life!


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