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Joe Marks

Recap 1/16/18Posted by Joe Marks on 2018-01-16

Today I did lesson 16 which is weather reporting from a Program point of view. I did two 30's weather updates and also two 60's weather updates regarding the storm that is coming towards New York... Read More >>

Joe Marks

Week 15Posted by Joe Marks on 2017-12-18

Dear Blog  Today Me and My Mentor Jay reviwed my HW that I did for Lesson 15 I aced the hw. Today we finished lesson 15 and I worked on music master schedling Tuesday playyist for his online radio station... Read More >>

Joe Marks

week 14Posted by Joe Marks on 2017-12-04

Dear Blog  Today Me and my mentor worked on using Word Excel  to cacluate  spins and data for  the statation as pratice for the program Director... Read More >>

Joe Marks

Lesson 13Posted by Joe Marks on 2017-11-27

Dear Jounal Today me and my mentor Jay worked on Music master but this time i created a Clock with commericals and times when they played... Read More >>

Joe Marks

lesson 12Posted by Joe Marks on 2017-11-13

Dear Blog today me and my mentor Jay went over clocks  I leanred  more about the organzation and went over my my homework  I created a Clock using my homework   He notice that I was quickly getting the infomation Read More >>