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Joe Marks

Week 8Posted by Joe Marks on 2017-10-16

Dear Blog  Today Jay and I went over my hw Assigments I freestyled a commerical as my on air prosana Boozkah Joe  I recored as Bozzkash Joe... Read More >>

Joe Marks

wk 7Posted by Joe Marks on 2017-10-10

Dear Blog Today me and my mentor jay went over how commericals work. Each commerical is baded on  the image of the station He gave me examples and I had to  makea educated guess on what type of flow the station would be... Read More >>

Joe Marks

October 2 2017Posted by Joe Marks on 2017-10-02

Dear Diary Today I had one on one mentorshipwith jay dixon we wen over how to do 60 Secs and 30 seconds commerical plus promo and got to see how promo was made ... Read More >>