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Lesson 18 Posted on 2018-02-07 by Joe Marks

Dear Blog Yesterday Jay and I and John did a podcast where I Joe Aka Booozkah Joe was the host. I learned how to deliver questions about the super bowl 52. Then I self Critc myself by coming up with 10 pro and 10 cons of what I can do to improve. I'm ganing knowledge on how to take critting and also learning as a PD how to ensure that I know this for when I become PD 

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Joe Marks

Week 20Posted by Joe Marks on 2018-03-01

Dear Blog I took ,my final exam yesterday  My ,mentor and I worked on Music ,master as well as starting the job hunting process... Read More >>

Joe Marks

lesson 19Posted by Joe Marks on 2018-02-14

Dear Blog today me and jay looked over the qualifacartions for the music corrindator job and went in full details what I could do and still need to work on... Read More >>