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Weeks Four & Five: The Charlie Pallilo Show on Facebook Live Posted on 2017-09-06 by Jacob Payne

The past two weeks, I’ve been learning how to stream live video of The Charlie Pallilo Show via Facebook. Pallilo has been a fixture in Houston sports talk since 1989 and is considered by many to be a legend in the industry. Pallilo has lent his voice and thought provoking takes to just about every sports station on the dial over the years. A recent shake up in the market paved the way for Pallilo to transpose his audience driven conversations to KGOW in late August.


Battling expected growing pains and the unexpected Hurricane Harvey, Pallilo is still getting accustomed to his new timeslot on a new station. To further fuel the launch of their newest star, KGOW has supplemented his show with an unfamiliar visual component. The Facebook Live simulcast began on August 21 and has gained some traction online in its infancy.


All of the credit for the stream’s anticipated success belongs to Social Media Manager Brandon Strange. Brandon was tasked with transforming a cramped and crummy radio closet into a sharp and sleek TV studio. Armed with the wizardry of a green screen and a healthy knowledge of Photoshop, he was able to accomplish exactly that.  With a suitable backdrop in place, Brandon and I ventured to shed some light on our subject.


Brandon attempted to explain the nuance of “light theory”. I’m sorry to say I’m unable to explain it quite as eloquently as he did. But the gist of it was we utilize three lights at different heights and positions to create an ideal balance of illumination and shadow. The contrast helps to bring dimension and depth to the subject’s frame.


During the stream, I generate different graphics for different parts of the show. An “On the Phone” graphic when Charlie talks with a guest and a “We’ll be right back!” when we go to break. In addition to all of the video production and social media skills I’m learning, I’m being exposed to the prep and execution of a lifetime pro. I could not have asked for a better experience.

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