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Major: Radio Broadcasting

Greetings and Salutations from fantastic Dickson, Tn. I\'m Kris Wells,  your friendly neighborhood radio/live sound chick. I\'m gonna get all Disney Princess on ya and tell you that dreams do come true. I STILL have diary entries from when I was 15, staring out my window at 2 am with my favorite radio show, Metal Works playing in the background as I daydreamed of moving to L.A., being on the radio and finding my perfect long haired rocker boyfriend.  Now that I have procured the perfect man, and decided that L.A. is for crazy people,  the only thing left is to make my dreams in radio a reality. And that\'s just what I\'m doing now.  So sit down, strap yourself in and hold on. Please keep all hands and feet inside the ride at all times. 

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Kristen Musser

FIRST SHOW!Posted by Kristen Musser on 2015-04-07

1) Date of Session: 3/31/15 -  2) Time in: 7:30 - 3) Time out: 10:30 - 4) Lesson #: close to the end..? This week I pretty much jumped into it! I chose the music, hosted the show, produced it, (all under supervision of course) It's getting easier and the more i put my hands on it, the more i understand and can picture my own show easier... Read More >>

Kristen Musser

Happy St. Patty's Day - Kay O'Day's first introductionPosted by Kristen Musser on 2015-03-18

~1) Date of Session: 3/17/14 2) Time in: 7:30 3) Time out: 10:30 4) Lesson #: 12ish? - learning to put the show together Tonight we went through start to - as close to finish as we could get - creating, recording and producing the radio show, Revolver Underground! We went through and picked the music, made sure it flowed nicely, got the show outline ready and then went to Audition and recorded the talking points (including MY introduction to the show) and then produced the show and put it together... Read More >>