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Commercial Skills Posted on 2017-06-22 by Dana Green

Today's lesson was spent in studio . As soon as I arrived, I had the pleasure of meeting Dan (Danny Jackson) at KSHP 1400AM . The titles he carries include being an on-air host and Account Manager . Dan and I worked on producing commercials! He was on point (by the power of the universe...maybe?) with what I had been reading about earlier that morning on the eBook.  Within the first hour, I was cutting and editing commercials . By the end of my time spent with Dan, I had produced two seperate spots, sat in on a live radio show,and worked on with two new software programs, Goldware and Audacity . I'm going to be including the attachments for my first ever recorded commercial broadcasts . I'll be back throughout this journey to finish the Radio Connection to blog more about some new things I'll be doing, some cool things I'll be learning.  I truly am so ready to dominate this . 



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