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Multiple Personalities...? Posted on 2018-01-11 by Dana Green

This was a rewarding challenge. I work as a bartender in Las Vegas. My clientele is a revolving door of normal, unique, old, young, generous, rude (at times), life-changing, and eye opening individuals. And somehow, they manage to be completely different from one another. I've said that I tend bar to prepare me for the radio. It shows in this lesson assignment. I have spoken to and befriended a person of every age and every style. Bartending in the entertainment capital of the world has helped me to prepare to be an on air entertainer myself. I look forward to finding a career in radio to see what kind of people I find there. Along with writing for a range of demographics, I am learning more about Studio One! The programs used at KSHP have been easier to navigate. But I realize the more time I spend using the software, the more it makes sense and the better my audio is sounding. I've brought my Blue Microphone from Radio Connection into the KSHP studio a few times so Danny and I could check it out and adjust levels. The microphone is such as awesome asset! I have been discussing with some friends the prospect of starting up a podcast once I complete the Radio Connection course!


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