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Holy Notes! Posted on 2017-06-24 by Dana Green

I remember being in junior high and racing to copy down everything the teacher was showing on the projector before he pulled the slide and put up another . Thinking back on those days now, I don't think I could tell you what random time in history or math equation I was learning.  I also couldn't tell you if I had been copying those notes to learn something, or just had high hopes the class would be allowed to use notes on an upcoming test . However, over the last two days, I have returned to that way, that same race, if you will . I've copied every definition from the teminology section . And while I was still beaming about my accomplishement and my newest additions to the pages of my notebook, I quickly learned that waiting for me at the end of the Broadcast Terminology lesson was the Broadcasting Glossary . In all its pages of glory . And so I began my next race . Writing and paraphrasing every term the eBook was willing to share . After completely transferring what I found online to the papers on my table, I felt something that I've been hopeful to feel since I desired to be on the radio . I am feeling confident .  I am feeling like when I walk into the studio next week it will be with more knowledge than what I walked in with last week!  Although most of my time spent in Lesson 2 was copying definitions, I have gained reassurance . I have learned that with this new knowledge there is a sense of confidence I wasn't sure I would find . Looking back on this lesson I see now that I might end up getting more than I had even hoped for on this journey . 





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