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Preparing for the air! Posted on 2017-07-08 by Dana Green

This past week has been spent getting my way through lesson 3.  This lesson emphasized the importance of the voice.  There are quite a few different breathing and voice training exercises taught that I am sure will turn out to be extremely useful . I have been told once by my mother that, at times, I have a nasally tone in my voice . After doing the exercises I found this to be true!  I will be able to zone in on this sound in my voice and exercise my vocal cords to better my speech and voice for the radio . While being in the studio this week, I had the opportunity to sit in on a live interview . I met the broadcaster named Mike who does the on-air interviews at KSHP .  He did a ten minute interview with a manager of a dinner theathre company out of Southern California .  Afterwards, Danny got on to host The Radio Shopping Show .  I am going to be working on becoming efficient using the Scott System, sound board, phone lines and computer program so within the coming weeks I will be able to host The Radio Shopping Show on my own .  While in the station with Danny this past week I heard my commercial on air .  That moment made me feel like I am going somewhere .  After being in the studio four times I have already produced and recorded over five commercials . Pretty soon, I'll be hosting a live on-air show . Stay tuned!



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