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Still preparing for the air.... Posted on 2017-09-11 by Dana Green

Let me start by noting this... on-air hosting is coming. Every week there is more time spent in the studio. Every week I have been given more and more to learn. The time spent with Danny in the studio makes me feel like there in opportunity to be something great in the radio world. Over the past five weeks, I've produced five different radio spots for the radio station KSHP A.M.1400. I've also co-hosted a program called The Radio Shopping Show alongside my mentor Danny Jackson. On the show we offer incredible deals for anything you could imagine! Featured deals on travel, restaurants, shows, beauty and automotive. Hosting The Radio Shopping Show involves many moving parts. There are phone lines, an old school sound board, a program called Show Time, watching the Scott System/mics/volumes. Not to mention maintaining a running knowledge of the changing "Shoppers Guide". My hands work fast. I'm working hard on learning the rhythm behind the dance that is running The Radio Shopping Show. Along with co-hosting, I've sat in on two live broadcasts of Sports book Radio NOW and Vegas Hockey NOW with Brian Blessing. After doing some research, I've learned some of his achievements include earning Associated Press honors and a New York Board of Broadcasters Sportscast of the Year Award. Working online in the text book requires a lot of writing prep work. While doing a talk show prep clock that spanned an hour, I put in three hours of research, writing and editing. And even though it took time and focus, I can't express how rewarding it is to spend that amount of time preparing to be on the radio. Tomorrow morning I will be back in the station with Danny to co-host The Radio Shopping Show from 8-10am! I'm feeling excitement to go forward. Confidence is key and knowledge is power!



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