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meeting #15 Posted on 2014-10-20 by Kevin Britton

10/19/14  6:45PM-10:15PM

I recorded the rest of assignment 18, which is the final demo.  My mentor critiqued it and made several observations.  My PSA was too low and monotone. I said my name twice in a row during one of the DJ parts of the demo.  While setting up a break I used the word unfortunately, which he wanted me to cut out because it sounds negative. For my 60 second commercial he wanted me to speak slower and ennunciate more.  There was another sentence in the DJ seciton he wanted meto re-do.  He did say my news segment was great.  So, I re-recorded the PSA, the commercial, and fixed the other things he mentioned.  My reads were much better the second time around.  He liked the improvements and I exported the assignments.  Now he is going to send a CD with the assignments to the Radio Connection.  I really enjoye my time with my mentor, Sean the Rabbi.  He helped me alot and I learned so much about the business and my own voice and how to make my recordings better.  The Radio Connection Institute has really helped me and I'm glad I got the oppurtunity with them and to study under Rabbi and WMMR.

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