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First Day at the Sation Posted on 2018-03-29 by Cheick Kouanda

i am glad of the opportunity to be a mentee under Jay Dixon .Not only am i able to learn the about Radio,but i also get to meet the biggest names in the industry.

My frist day of class started with Dj Enuf walking in the office. As if it wasnt enough to motivate me,he also talked us into more motivation.

Jay allowed us in his meeting with KBLS station. He read their analytics  through Zoom Media Monitors to help his client determine the best playlist.And I was able to witness and learn about analytics and the purpose of music progamation.During that meeting Jay went through the lengh of time people spend of each single played on that radio.

We were also allowed in his meeting with Pio regarding the music progamation at Hot 97.

Looking forward to be there again

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