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Music Master Scheduling (A brief glimpse at Program Directing) Posted on 2017-03-31 by Paul Long

So far I found today very interesting. I learned basic knowledge of how to use Music Master Scheduling program.  This program helps keep the music flowing (Play List). The program director is able to label certain songs,and how they are played Called catergories..For example if a song is labeled called  "A" it is a hot song on the air right now. "B" means it is up and coming. "C" the song is about 6 + months old. "R" recurring songs about 2 years old. "N" are songs that are so new, that they are not known yet. Your also able yto insert  "Jock Breaks"  to indicate where to talk. (Break Notes). I learned some songs come with their own intro, and the DJ dosen't speak. When the song dosen't have it own intro, the station adds their own while the DJ  speaks over it.

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Week 3 browsing the job market. Posted by Paul Long on 2017-04-14

Today I checked the job market , and found the Assistant Program Director at Power 105.1 fairly interesting.  Work Experience • Minimum 3 years’ on-air radio experience, programming, production, promotions and/or marketing -IN NEW YORK, NEED TO LOOK AT MARKETS NEARBY AND RICHMOND • Air demo required-JAY PLAYED AIR CHECK BED I WILL USE • Imaging production experience a plus;  samples required I am hoping that with the proper training I can possibly qualify for this position... Read More >>