Martini Jean Radio Connection

Major: Radio

Hello, my name is Martini. I've been interested in the many facets of the entertainment industry since I was a child. More specifically, I've been drawn to the professions of expression. From watching cartoons and wanting to learn how to animate to discovering about voice-overs. As I grew older, I tried other things such as modeling & Improv. Shortly thereafter, I honed in on writing via poetry, articles, scripts, & literature. It is where I feel most comfortable however I've grown an interest in the world of Radio as of late. I've dabbled doing voice-overs & copywrite material for an Internet radio station and it was a cool experience. Other then having loads of fun, it was great utilizing my past skills (V.O, writing) and finding yet another way for me to project my voice – literally & figuratively. I'm excited to see where this road takes me to next.