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Beyond the Book Posted on 2015-07-11 by Mary Healy

May 24, 2015

Time in : 10:30am

Time out : 12:30pm

Session # 2


Today I was able to watch a spot be produced in the studio . A on-air personality named Sweetie was voicing a commercial for LEON day in Honolulu on June 25th creating a spot for 7/11's promotional prizes. LEON is NOEL spelled backwards and is the halfway mark to Christmas.Cathy the Program Director was also there editing the spot for mistakes and instucting the tone of the commercial. My mentor Maleko had just tested and congradulated me on assignment 1 aswell as reviewed assignment 2's test so I was feeling confident that I understood what was happening in the room. Sweetie was being recorded by Cathy to create a spot that promote the contest and also play simaltainously as Sweetie drove to different 7/11 locations in Honolulu. From the location Sweetie could do a call-in to the station while also meeting fans while give out prizes like Beats by Dre ear buds and other fun gifts. This is known as a remote. After Sweetie finsihed the 30 second spot, Cathy uploaded the dub into the operating system. Although they made it seem very easy I'm sure its going to take me awhile to create such wonderful expression with my voice. I can see why Sweetie was picked for LEON day becuase her voice is kind and trustable without being annoucery. You really felt like a friend was telling you about the prizes rather than a radio personality.

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