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Lesson #16 Posted on 2017-10-05 by Andrew Davy

Just took a look at the lesson today. Read a weathercast. It doesn't seem to hard. It didn't say how long they had to be. I'm just going to guess :30 and if Mr. Grosz tells me longer i'll do another one. I'm thinking about signing up for a Facebook meet up and podcast. That would be fun, and I think that will definetely help me in the direction I want to go.

Today, after the radio show, I finished up the sportscasts I had written. Dave helped me to email them to Steve. He's at other schools sometimes. I think that the podcast will be good to help me talk more. I feel like I really have to fight to talk in the morning. I've definitley gotten more bold as time goes on. I have to kind of elbow my way into the conversation. It's really weird because I've been polite and waited my turn to talk, now I feel like I need to bud in every conversation, or just laugh or comment. When you can hear all three of us it's a party.

I'm almost done with all the lessons. I wonder how much this blog will really help me when I job search?

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