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Breanna Brenation

Movie In The MakingPosted by Breanna Brenation on 2017-10-26

Today was amazing and a very productive day at Hot 97 with another student who goes by Witty and my mentor Jay Dixon.While on lunch break we ran into a camara crew who was recording a new movie that'll be out soon on Netflix starring some of the hottest artist out right now such as Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, and Teyana Taylor... Read More >>

Breanna Brenation

Radio Is AwesomePosted by Breanna Brenation on 2017-03-03

Wow, radio is amazing, I mean it's definitely a lot to learn but I'm enjoying every minute of doing so! Man the lessons I have with my mentor are amazing and I never have been so engaged in learning like I am with learning form my mentor! I am appreciative of everything I'm learning, some things I'm learning are to speak with diction and to infintize on my words clearly so the audience can hear... Read More >>