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Lesson 2 Posted on 2018-06-18 by Lady Rocka Chi


This week in my new radio course we focused on the glossary and daily vocab used in the broadcast industry. It was not so difficult for me to understand and connect with most of the terms because I have a background in music and recording industry. I did notice many similarities in that section in words like pitch, dub, mic, level and the term RPM which means revolutions per minute. of course pitch is ones vocal tone and level is dealing with volume. A mic is short for a microphone and dub is to copy a recording naturally.  On the contrary, a monitor is a noun which is a speaker but in broadcasting may be used as a verb meaning to monitor like listen to or view. I am hoping I can catch on and know the difference at times, like that. Even open mic means an open mic to speak or record on, but I know it to be an event to perform your music to a crowd. 

Anyhow I havent gone into the phase of working in a studio which I am looking forward to some day soon. No concerns here. Patience is a virtue and I most definitely want to be prepared. 


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