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Lesson 20 The Finale Posted on 2019-03-02 by Lady Rocka Chi

Yesss! I did it! This is the Finale as I call it! Will I truly qualify for a gig in a real radio station? I am so nervous to even try. I kknow this phase is about job search and seeking a position, whether part time or full...I feel myself starting to clam up. First of all, I should have been done two weeks ago. I had gotten sick for two weeks. A sign of fear on my part cause I never get sick!!! Then I had surgery done. Had I not been sick, I would have been done with all of it by now. And I had the nerve to fall sick immediately after the surgery. The flu bug has been going around! And it got me....sick as I could be...trying to heal from the surgery plus get over the flu! Then I coulldn't sit and didnt know how to get adjusted and back to work mode.  It's all good. I am excited to be at th end of my course. I definitely feel I learned alot. From FCC Rules and Regulations to possible positions in Broadcast to vocal excercises, vocabulary and commercial and news writing.  I am developing a character for my flow as well. I am definitely confident to become a podcaster or youtuber. 

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