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Lesson 19 Posted on 2019-01-29 by Lady Rocka Chi

The lesson 19 focuses on my demos. I chose to record a radio talk show and a music show. I will probably still do the sports and the interview type demo as well...For now I wanted to start with a talk show. I had only five minutes but really 4 minutes since I recorded two of the 30 minute spots. I chose to record the written copy so I have samples of that as well as on the next one which is a music show, I used my original copy. 

This was naturally a fun assignment once i sat down to record them since it is helping me to build my confidence. I efiniely need to start immediately with podcasting and internet radio. The music show was a bit easier for me to record. Not sure how well i did however. I did no editing on the musc show to keep as natural as possible. There was more editing required on the talk show because of the limited time of only 4 minutes I definitely had a lot more to say since my topic was RKelly and why he should be muted!

Overall I will comtinue recording because I definitely need the practice.

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