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Lesson 3 Posted on 2018-06-25 by Lady Rocka Chi

Lesson 3 deals with Voice, Breathing offering voca excercises and breathing techniques as well as glossary terms dealing with the subject. I love this sectin because it offers hands on activites to assist in making my voice as it should be for appropriate radio voice. I wrote a whole blog post and somehow it lost and now I am rushing for school and have to redo it...sMH

However, in this lovely chapter, I am learning about pitch and resonance and the things that already make my voice unique, as well as how to work on my voice techniques for building up to that radio personality that I desire to be. I also learned about voice bending and inflection. I have been listening to more announcers and paying close attention to their use of inflection.

I like the section on vowel sounds and I have taken the time to record myself and listen back. This way as I practice I can use this to measure my progress. I will continue in this learnng pattern. 

Also I received my new mic in the mail. Yay! Looking forward to the software so I can start learning with my mentor.

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