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Lesson 4 Posted on 2018-07-01 by Lady Rocka Chi

Happy Sunday and what a sunny day it is out there! I love it! 

Welcome back to Lady Rocka Chi world and this week has been an interesting one. I made it through the fourth meeting with my mentor and its offcilly  a month of broadcast school achieved. Yay! I believe in celebrating hte small steps that lead to the goals being achieved. So I decided to pat myself on the back. 

I must say I really enjoyed this week's focus on establishing my voice testing skills and establishing my commercial voice for radio. I think its been a lifetime lesson for me, and appreciate how incorporating the vocal lessons daily even made a difference in my homework assingment. When you do not practice your tools regular or correctly then record it can be very difficult to know what to listen for in developing a clear radio voice. I am glad to be learning new breathng techniques and vocal excercises and I can see how even in such a short period it can make a difference. I did a better job by the end of the week. My breathing and pronunciation is getting better already. Looking forward to seeing what my mentor thinks about my recordings. I decided to follow his advice and record all of the four commercial samples, and go thru and choose one with him that we can use to send in for my weekly grading. 




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