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Lesson 5 Blog! Posted on 2018-08-13 by Lady Rocka Chi

Arrrggghhh!!! This is when I start to question my sanity at times! I can' tbelieve I didnt recall the simplest password and it took me this long to just send an email to my Advisor cause I thought it was a password I made up and didnt write down! So much on my brain these days....and I am still growing...hehehe!

So, this chapter we focused on learning about setting up station contests and creating promo liners. I liked this section of the workbook. This is where I was challenged a bit. I got to experience the work that goes into one's radio show.  We had to write up a couple of promo liners. That was the easier part since there was a format in place. Then there was assignment which instructd to create 2 outlines for a show prep. I had a talk show and a music show. So I pretend as if it was a real show. well for the most part. Had to come up with about 12 songs to be my playlist. This was kind of cool. It's interesting to see how it all comes together and like my mentor states, "Everything is show prep!" So it was good practice and alot of work for me, requiring me to focus more on the info behind the scenes to have stories to use. We had to backsell or frontsell a song. Reminds m e of the discipline and work in putting together programming for shows. 

I also did a prep for a talk show with promo liner. I had to come up with a topic to flow so I chose awareness of international sex trafficking which is a cause that actually troubles my soul. So I looked up books and used the author and added my sister in as a guest Doc to speak on health issues and consultation. There was even a recent movie that I watched on the subject.  This entire chapter was great and definitely helped to make this class more intreaguing for me. 

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