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Lesson 8 Blog Posted on 2018-09-04 by Lady Rocka Chi

OMG! I just wrote this whole blog up! Have to write again since it didnt bother to save correctly! Guess it doesnt warn when it times out. 

Basicly loved chapter 8 with all the new education on commercial writing. I had to write up five commercials. Hope I am getting in to the flow of things. I did it different for each one. some of them added music, soe of them added sounds I have on mhy laptop, some of them had to be sliced and diced to remove spacing or pauses to beeathe. I am getting the hang of doing that. 

Copy 1 was Cutter and used a musical loop on the software. I did my research on the product which I use at home anyway. Thought it makes sense to start with something I have used myself. Although I didnt write up an endorsement for that one. Copy 2 was for a car called Culinan by Rolls Royce. I am in love with Rolls Royce and the idea ofhaving one just exemplifies the kind of lifestyle I am aspiing to have, where money and luxury is common place, a non-issue. I searched Rolls Royce and found out that they have a new SUV on the market so I fell in love withit and wrote a long ass commercial that was supposed to be 30 seconds. I was heart brokem when I had to shorten it and take out a sentence and redo it. The next was about my own service I offer to the youth a an advocate. It's cool to now I can start making these as content for my pages. The BABYRocka one is one minute long. The 4th copy was aboutthe water I use in my fitness goals. That's Total Fit drinking water and ithis was done as an endorsemnet where I used 1st person. The last copy was a local business. Just happen to have a friend opening up a lounge at Union market so in that i used location and not address. this one also used a music loop. 

Overall, it's alot of fun for me producing, and I want to keep it up. Let me see how well I can produce my own content someday.



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