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lesson 9 Posted on 2018-09-29 by Lady Rocka Chi

Well I'll be. This has been an unplanned break from my's been a minute since my last post. I have been having a rough time focusing again. Well, on oe end I am really accomplishing alot for myself and my career these days. I am finding the balance between payings bills and survival and also building my brand and future empire in entertinment industry. I know it's an exciting period and its a time to have many things suddenly pulling me from my focus. I just sent y daughter off to school and I am sort of free these days. However with a big houehold one is never really free. My time is not my own. I may plan a schedule for myself but that can never hold in my house. No no! We just live and we learn and all we cna do is love on our families and be grateful we got them. so meanwhile, I am moving to a new base in ATL which the house will be set up just for studio creativity and youtube videos, even podcasting. I must increase my productivity by any means necessary! SMH! 

Lesson 9 was focused clearly on the News. I had been overwhelmed and it took me a while to get in the groove and complete the assignment. I had to finally zone out. Not sure why the news had me so guh...I was worried that I'd be horrible. I havent't gotten to show my mentor yet so hoping I sound ok. I can do better with more practice. I actually like delivering the news and will cosider it more now. 

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