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Lesson 13 Posted on 2018-11-26 by Lady Rocka Chi

I must say this weeks asignment was pretty hefty. !0 commercials to produce is alot of practice. It was very necessary. I actually redid about half of them and emailed to the mentor Kevin. This took me about 2 weeks to complete. I even forgot to do the second assignment at first.

Upon playing the assignment with Kevin, my mentor, we began noticing the words cut off at the end on several of the copy. Of course I couldnt turn it in like that so that taught me a lesson on getting that message in their in the accurate timing. Some I actually read over and recorded agan, but some of them actually all I did was edit the copy. This is helping me to work on my editing skills as well. Overall its always a great feeling when I accomplish these assigments pulling more out of me than i expect.

Initially I struggled with the understanding of what to do for the PSA, meaning Public Service Announcement.  I had to write my own PSA and make it relate to my area. So that was completed. I got a good feedback from doing this one. Now I am learning about creating  a PSA.

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