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Lesson 14 Posted on 2018-11-27 by Lady Rocka Chi

Greetings to you all. Hello world! Hola! Kedu! Ekaaro! Bonjour! I greet you in all the languages I am learning during my time on the planet! I have yet to learn Hebrew but working on it! What I never realized I would desire to learn is the language of sports journalism and sports commentary! Well I'll be...the sports arena seems to have a language of it's own and now that I have had to liten to ESPN and other sports stations I am so lost. 

Well anything is achievable. I started outin sports as a manager of my college basketball team. If i knew what i know today I would have kept up with it! I had al lthe players loving my personaliity. I think because I was more of a tomboy in my early days coming up. Then also being a rapper they had appreciation for my confidence on a mic and stage. Ballers always love to party! And this chapter gets me back interested in connecting to my sports world again. My mentor mentioned that Sports commentary is actually a new arena that hires women reporters. I will give that much consideration now. 

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