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Lesson 17 Posted on 2018-12-28 by Lady Rocka Chi

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings to you as your reading this! 

It has been a time of grztitude and hopefulness as we are closing this year and entering into a new year and new season for me as my program is coming to a close. I am still not absolutely sure what the future holds for me in broadcasting. However I feel more confident that I can produce content and have a voice and continue to develop in the media of broadcast. I would definitely consider podcasting and v-logging as soon as the course is complete. 

Lesson 17 focused on editing. I had to record a pre-written Radio Connection copy and edit in the presence of my mentor Kevin. Iniitially I attempted to create a space to insert the new wording. and I wasnt sure about removing two sections or just the section that was highlighted. 

My mentor did advise that I was to focus on the section that was highlighted. So on the 2nd attempt I figured out what to do. I think I did it fine and as well removed some breathes to remove space siince the added line was longer. 

Looking forward to the next chapter on interviewing!

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