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Lesson 18 Posted on 2019-01-21 by Lady Rocka Chi

Good Lord! That was an amazing experience! It took me a long time because I had a long break over the holiday. We had so much loss around lately it's like becoming immune almost.  I felt really bad for the families and friends who recently lost loved ones. It's been a pretty emotional holiday period for me this time around. Kind of scary...

So this weeks chapter focused on something I have been looking forward to douing. We were asked to find a radio disc jockey and interview them. I had done it finally after alkmost two weeks of trying to pin somebody down. I actally went all the way to Atlanta to try to catch up with Big Tigger and never got to the place to see him. However, I did a cool interview right here in DC. I then decided to catch an up and coming radio DJ who has made waves as a DJ before gettomg hied last year with 93.9 WKYS. I loved the interview...I got more excoited about it after doing my research. He was a rapper like myself who later became a DJ. I figured it would be interesting to interview someone who I could relate with in that way. As it turns out it was very inspiring in that he even commended me on all my efforts and encouraged me neverf to take no for an answer! Like Jo Iyce said, no means not now and not now means, try again later. 

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